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Sunday, February 05, 2006

I am glad this week is over. I have had a stressful week.
First the dr said I might have and ulser, duh.
Then my son falls and twisted his ankle he thinks it is broken and he will die from the pain, but I think it is just sprang and he will live. That was wednesday, I took him to dr on friday and I was right. I also took my youngest to the dr on friday because her arm is still hurting her and she can not fully extend or bend it she hurt it on the 18th of jan. The dr took new x-rays but found no break. He wants her to see a specialist as soon as possible. The trouble is (and here comes the ranting), that no one is taking new patients with medical coupons till april and then they will shedual for june and july. Why should she have to wait so long just because she has medical coupons, she is hurting now by then it could be healed, permanent, or become worse. It is not fair at all.( Yelling and stamping my feet). I am going to make more phone calls in the morning then call the Shriners in Portland. Then I am going to write to the state legisilators.
Next , I was told later on friday that the guy we are renting one of the truck trailers from wants it back NOW not at the previously agreed date of end of march so we will need to find another one or sit and not make money till we find another. This guys wife is a real Bitch and a half, I would love to put a hex on her or something. (Sending bad thoughts her way).
So why do I and the dr think I have an ulcer?
Crochet list- 10 potholders done so far
Kint list- still just the 8 dishcloths
Crochet- one doll 1/2 done


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