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Sunday, November 27, 2005

My Give a Damn is Busted

My Give a Damn is Busted...I just got back from the JoDee Messina concert. Wow I had a great time except for the rude dude behind me blowing a duck call I got tired of it and got security to take care of it so we all could enjoy the rest of the show. Then I bought me the T-shirt my gave a damn... Not a bad evening I started out with 40$ the t-shirt was 25$ I know it is a lot for a shirt but I wanted one since I first heard the song, I went into the casino afterwards and my bro gave me 10$ to play the slots with. I had a good night my sis cashed out my machine when I was up by 30$ and I put in another 10 and started over and cahed out again at 39. We wern't ready to leave yet so I put in 20 and cashed out at 34. I gave some money to my sis and left with 60$ after giving a tip to the valet. So not a bad night I guess.
Now for updates on the crocheting the afghan is almost done just a few more rounds,the last point of the star. I am almost done with the slippers too 15 out of 16 done both crocheted and knitted. I'll have all done by mid-week.
I am not ready for Christmas, I have not even started yet. So little time, so little cash.


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