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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Has it been a week?

Has it been a week?
My, my how time slips away. I do have an excuse, Tom has been home all week and hogging the computer.
I started the week with 3 dolls on the hook and I finished 2 of them. I ran out of yarn, I need to get at least 2 more made I would have only needed 1 more but Kimmie asked for 1 and how can I refuse a cutie like her.
Some good news though my dad sold 2 pairs of beaded earrings for me I was not expecting that, but I did enjoy the extra money. I need to make time for more beading so he can hustle more for me.
I had to take dad to the eye Dr last Friday he is having problems with his left eye. There is bleeding behind the the retina and he has lost vision in his eye. I have to take him back in the morning to have pictures done and see what else we need to get done. I hope that all it takes is time to heal. We shall soon find out.
This will be a short school week for the kids. I may be over the edge by Friday.


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