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Monday, September 12, 2005

I Created a Monster

Yes what was I thinking when I taught my 9 year old daughter to crochet.
That she would be like her sister when I tried to teach her to knit, she gave up in less than a week.. Not Kim she has taken to crochet like a duck to water.
What is the down side you may ask?
She has taken ownership of my yarn basket. All my orphan yarns are now hers. She has made scarves and started an afgan, she wants to make one for her bed all in single crochet. As she is working on her projects she is looking over at me and my working basket of yarn, asking if I really need that color or this small ball. Everytime I leave the room I have to check my basket and hers to see if she has pilfered any. I love her dearly and can't wait to teach her more crochet stiches.
I had to take time off from crochet and do some trucking work. I had to do it so we can get some money. He works for money I work for
When I did get back to crochet I finished another doll. I have the pattern writen in pencil and I need to get it into the computer, take some pics of some of the steps and then try to discribe how to do the hair. It is easy if I could show you in person.
The oldest is in charge of a craft sell in two weeks to bennifit the Katrina Disaster area so I was thinking of making the dolls into santa and mrs. clause for her sale.Hehe, this meant taking yarn back from Kim. I'll make her a doll.


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