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Monday, August 22, 2005

Fun Day

Today was a fun day. First I started out by cleaning the living room and vacuming . Then I got the shampooer out and set up for work.
Then Nicole called and said she was bored at her friend and to come and get her.I got there to pick her up and then she said she wanted to stay longer and that Kimmy could go swimming too. How could I say no. Just then some of their other friends came to go swimming too. An hour turn into 6. Yes we were there for 6 hours the kids swimming and the grown ups visiting. Sandy was putting up a building for her pets and we were watching her paint and it really looked like fun. Yes I said looked like fun, we all grabed a brush and helped her paint.
we got the building done by dark, and it was fun.
I can't wait till next sunday we will be there again for a party.
And if today was not a party then sunday is going to be a blast.


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