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Monday, August 15, 2005


Yesterday I was helping my sister move her swimming pool and I sliped and fell, right on my (_!_) oops make that (__!__). I landed on my butt and then the momenton of the fall I continued to fall and slamed the back of my head. Jared me so hard I saw floaties for 1/2 an hour. Today my butt is sore and my back is stiff and my neck and head hurts.
Today was better meaning no falling down, hehe.
I did about an hour of work this afternoon for the trucking co. Then I did nothing else for the rest of today, but about an hour of crocheting. I am making a doll and need to do the legs and then stuuf and put together and do the hair, I think I'l finish it tomorrow,(maybe).
I got some great beads at the ren. fair on sat. now all I need to do is find some green thread to either knit or crochet an amulet bag. I need to organize my beads again I for got what I have and where I put it all.LOL.
I can't wait till school starts so I'll have more time to do more stuff.
Come On Sept. 1st!!!!! Hurry Up and Get Here!!!!


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