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Saturday, August 20, 2005


Peaches 22 quarts of peaches. Well 21, 1 jar broke in the canner, what a mess.
Today I canned Peaches. I love canning peaches. I did 2 big boxes. I ran out of jars, where did all my jars go to? So I had some left over so I made a cobbler.Yummmmmmmmmmy.
I did not do any crocheting today because my wrist was hurting and feeling swollen. So I let it rest. I had to go to JoAnnns and get some yarn to complete the project.
I did do some of that organizing I have been putting off. Yes I did do it!
I had to do something while the peaches were processong didn't I.
Now the book shelves need to be next. :(


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