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Sunday, August 28, 2005

whooo hooooo

Whoo hooo I found some yarn the I got when Granny passed some years ago and I thought it was wool but was not sure now I am sure.
The balls that had no lables on them kept me wondering until I was told to put snip=its in bleach wool will desolve and it did. Now I have 2 shades of green and 2 shades of red. Now what to do with it, I just have 4 balls.

As for Cordi asking me to write my doll pattern I have done this. I just need to type it up and to figure out how to explain the hair. I will do this even if I have to draw the pics to show how it is done. I will have to draw it because I don't have a camera to take photos, Tom does not think one is nessessary.

I got patterns for to make me some more dresses I want one in the fall print but sis poopooed the idea.If I find a print I like I will do one any way.I love to wear dresses just for everyday wear sometimes.

I was going through my box of finished crafts and found my supply is down and needs to be replentished. I am sure once the kids are back in school I can get more done, but I never know what Tom thinks is an emergency and I have to quit what I am doing to do something for him.

Tom is going to be home sometimes tomorrow/today and will be home for a few days so nothing is going to get done and the house will be in an uproar. He is almost as bad as the kids. LOL.
But I love him.


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