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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Summer is over

Now the summer is over, school starts tomorrow.YIPPPPEEEEE
Yes I have been looking forward to this day since June 21st.
Trying to keep 3 kids happy is a lot of work. Besides I can't get any real work done with them home.
Now on to other things.
I helped Tom with fixing the trailer today. Yea I did a lot to help all I did was help guide the tires on to the hub, a little lifting . If my handds get dirty then I helped O.K. To reward me for helping I got my right little finger squished by the damn thing. I hurts having a semi tire set on your finger over 100 lbs. It was just a little squish but it hurt alot then not now but I want to milk it for a while o.k.
I did not fell like knitting or crocheting or beading so I sat down to read.
Tony Hillerman's the Sinister Pig. I don't remember how many of his books I have read but I have enjoyed everyone.


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