I touch fabric, pet yarn and fondle beads, sometimes inappropriately.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Hmm, it has been a week since I was here last, what was I doing?
I have not been that busy I didn't think so anyway.
Let see, I finished another doll, knitted a scarf, started a Santa and Mrs. Dolls. I found the knifty knitters and made a hat, the girls love the knifty knitters they are work away on projects.
I am thinking about putting up the sewing machine and making some aprons, I don't know why, but maybe.
I've got to get some black and silver beads, believe it or not I don't have those colors in my stash, to make a beaded feather for my nephew. (singing) I get to go to the bead store. lol.


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