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Sunday, October 02, 2005

No Beading Yesterday

Well, I didn't get any beading done yesterday or crocheting. I did not get any crafting done at all.
Here's why.
When I first got up I debated shower now or later, I decided to shower early in the day because I had a felling it was now or never.
Good thing I did. Just as I sat done and started to do some crocheting I got a phone call from my hunting hubby and son. The truck had hit a slick patch and they could not get enough trackion to get up the hill so they were walking out of the forest.
I knew about where they were at but he had the maps with him so I was guessing. He told me which line he was on and the number of the track and area but I soon found out that the roads were not clearly marked which made it hard for me to find them.
We kept in touch as much as we could with the cell phones but it was hit and miss with the coverage and his battery was getting real low.
I had passed the road he was on twice before I realized that was the road.
I had no map until I ask another person if I could look at his map to find them and he was kind enough to give me his spare map so I could really study it and figure out where they were. I had passed them on my way back to the beginning of the road when his call got through that they were on the main road. I thought he was down nearer to the beginning of the road and kept going in that direction, I turn down the road I thought he was on but it was a dead end and turn around to go back out. I turned back to go deeper in the woods to where I found them on the map. They were waiting there for me, tired and so wore out from the walk. My son is just 11 years old and he had kept up with his dad for what we think is about 7 miles. Up hill and gravel in the rain. When we got to the main highway and on the way home he was sleeping in the back seat of the mini van. We will be going back to the woods tomorrow to retrieve the truck. My mini van is now red and mud colored
I hope we get a deer or an elk out of this so it is not a complete waste of time and money.
I am getting some crochet done today.


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