I touch fabric, pet yarn and fondle beads, sometimes inappropriately.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Wha Hoo!!!!

Wha Hoo!!!! Thanks Vicki for the yarn. Yea I got yarn 2 boxes of it. She just gave it to me. Vicki was cleaning out her supply and offered me the booty. Nice lady real sweet of her.
I have to keep the kids out of the yarn they have picked out colors and have ideas for mom to make for them. I have some ideas too.
I have been busy doing truck work this week. Business is picking up now if the fuel will just go down. I need to get busy with the yarn and the beads. I just have not been in the mood lately I don't know why. The kids are driving me nuts too. I want a vacation but will never get one.
I want to be thin but that will never happen either.


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