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Friday, October 21, 2005


Yipee! All six dolls are done, so now I can move on to other things, like, oh I don't no, but something else for a while.
I need to get to sewing more of the tiny mukluks and moccasins they are cute but they are hand sewn. They sell fast at the pow wows just before Christmas. I want to do some beaded earrings too. I got an idea for a new designs. I have some gourds to do up for rattles, and feathers to bead up too.
I was cleaning up around the house and found a few WIPs I didn't think I had any but I guess I do.
I have an idea for doing an afghan or two. One is a lone star design eight sided and starts in the center, I want to do red, black, and grey. The other is an original of mine a reversible lattice done in two colors I made up the pattern a long time ago but have not done one in a log, long time. It will be fun to do these again especially since it is getting afghan weather. Cozy under while working, LOL.
I got all my invoices done for this week even the ones for next monday.Wow, I was doing good this week then hubby made some changes to the weeks work, grrrr. It is a good thing I love him.


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