I touch fabric, pet yarn and fondle beads, sometimes inappropriately.

Monday, October 17, 2005

This house is so dusty. I can dust and by the next day it is dusty again. Never ending circle.
I sat down on friday and satuurday and did some beading I made 2 pairs of red, white and blue earrings. My 10 year old daughter thought she would help me sort through my beads, do you need these mom? Do you want these? What are you planning to do with these mom? Yes you can have those and these but not them. First my yarn stash now my beads. She is doing good with the beads she has made some ornaments and I have her started on the loom beading hair barrets.
I'm almost finished with the 6th doll that I have committed to making so now on to other things like beading.
I did make it through the 3 day weekend and I let the kids live too.


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