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Friday, November 11, 2005

Oh how I hate this time of year

I hate this time of year. The kids are stuck inside and the house is a mess and they are fighting all the time. They are on my nerve so much I can hardly get anything done while they are home untill they go to bed.
I LOVE bed time. I guess I am just feeling depressed this week. Hopefully it will get better before I need meds. again.
I do have some crochet on the hookS, I have more than one project going.
I have and afghan almost finished but I put it a side because want to make slippers for gifts on Dec. 3rd I need about 15 pairs I have done 4 pairs already. I am using up the yarn that Vicky from crochetville gave me, I got 2 boxes from her, all different colors and most same brand. I love free yarn. lol.
I want to do another afghan in my lattice pattern it really is pretty it is done in 2 colors I made up this pattern about 20 years ago.
Thanks Cordelia in advance for the box I'm sure I will love what ever is in it.


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