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Monday, January 23, 2006

The sun came out today and after 35 days of rain it was kind of bright for a while.
The girls had an auction yesterday I think it did well. They made 100$ for their org they belong to.
I had made 6 crochet dishcloths and 2 knitted, 2 dolls, and put together a bath basket just a small one lotion and body wash and bathpuff.
With other donations there was about 20 items to bid on good thing it was a silent auction.
I finished the shawl I was working on and started knitting a dishcloth, just to have something going.
I got a request for another doll so I will start work on that to.
I got everything to the CPA today so that job is done.
Last friday was my b-day but we had been so busy this weekend and Tom took me out on saturday. We had my family b-day dinner today and I got cake. A carrot cake so rich and devine. Thanks for the Happy Day wish Cordi, miss you in the chats.
Now that everything has slowed down here (I hope), I think I will get some early spring cleaning done.


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