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Monday, January 09, 2006

Yep It is Monday

Oh boy what a day.
First I get the kids up for school no biggie. Then when I take out the trash to the curb I noticed I have a flat on the van.UGH.
I get the mail and get the deposit ready for the bank. The bank is on the way to the tire place. I get to the tire place and have an hour wait. I tryed to call Tom and tell him about the tire but now the cell phone is not working, AAAAAGH.
For over an hour I kept getting system busy when I try calling out.
My sister was trying to call she had a car emergency too. Sis wanted me to pick her son up who was off work and at her place of work. I get there and she is off work to by this time so it was a one tripper, whoohoo.
We get to her place to see witch of her cars will start niether one will take a jump. So my nephew and I go to talk with a machanic to see witch will be fastest and cheapest to fix. Sis has a car that is running right now but dads car is down and he needs to drive my brother back and forth to work because he lost his right to drive for a while, so dad has the working car.
We decide to take the nove to the machanic and get it fixed I had to get hubbys pick-up so I can push or tow the nova. The good news is it is not the starter it was just some tightning up on a few things. Yes the nova will live,lol.
Earlier in the day sis hurt her knee real bad and has to see the dr for it. She hates drs and has to really be in pain. She not having a car to take herself to the dr I get to be her taxi. But at least I am not the one who has to drive her to work at 5:30 am.
I am glad monday is over.


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