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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Just to update.
I finished all the slippers and passed them out at our groups movie night. They were a big hit with the girls and the adults.
I am almost finished with the lonestar afghan, I have out it aside for a bit to finish the slippers and now working on a poncho for my youngest dd.
I took a comission for another doll to have finished in two weeks. I already got paid for it. WhoooHoooooo!!!
I love getting paid for my work.
I stopped by the bead wherehouse today I wish I could have stopped alone and spent more time there looking for what I wanted for me, I got my sis what she wanted. She needs to do more crafting.
Looking at the calendar I could be out every night this week, but I think I will stay home and crochet, I could always take it with me, lol.


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