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Monday, January 30, 2006

Rainy Days and Mondays

The rain came back. Last night it sounded like a heard of cows peeing on flat rocks all night long. I thought I'd wake up in an ark this morning. I'm so tired of the rain. OK, I am whining so enough.
Cordi I know what ya mean about live in person friends. There is this one person I an kind to because I can't be rude to any one without working real hard on it, and she thinks she is my best friend now.Telling my kids to call her auntie and her kids calling me auntie and saying the kids are cousins. This lady is in need of some very intense help.
I mean everytime we are in the same place she atches herself to me and everytime I stand still I feel her breathing on me, it is like a dog humping on my leg she is so close.
I do try to keep a distance from her but she is always there. I feel stocked.
I don't even answer her phone calls.
(How do you type a shiver?)
This last week I have had the knitting needles in my hands everytime I sit down to the t.v. so I have 10 new dishcloths.
I started another doll that I will get paid for, WHOO HOOO.
I finished the white shaw and have actually worn it, I got so many complements on it I decided to make a black one, so I will start soon.
My sis saw the dishcloths and told me she needed more potholders so I will make some of those too.
I went to the dr today and we think the pain in my side just might be an ulser. I had them before when I was a kids so now I am not surprised at all. I told the dr I was under some stress. Kind of like the goldfish in the blender.


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