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Monday, July 17, 2006

Monday Monday

It is Monday again.
This weekend the two kids and I went to Wenatchee. Just over the cascades from here, about 3 hours drive. Kim had a workshop to attend and so I drove her and two other girls over, Thomas didn't want to stay with my sis so he came too. The girls had a sleepover in the at a lodge where they were meeting and I had booked a hotel room.
Thomas was not feeling well he has double ear infection from swimming. Poor guy had a rough time sleeping. He was so good while waiting for me to get out of my workshop on Saturday, he did not bother the girls or interrupt my group, even when his ears were hurting. I did take him to the Dr. On Friday and he has meds for his ears they are still bothering him.
I went to JoAnn's this afternoon and got a great buy on some oriental silk, $2.00 a yard. I also got a yard of veleteen for a medieval corset for Kim a dress to follow the states theme for the org. she is in. It is blue and I might do some beading in gold on it. Then I need to get fabric for the underdress and skirt.
The weather here is great right now, 70* and 46% humidity. it will warm up a bit more before sunset maybe another 4*. We have a little bit of clouds floating over but in all a very nice day. The weather may warm up a bit before this weekend maybe in the 80's, that is hot for here.
Well time to get dinner for the children.


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