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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Nuckin' Futs

Yep I am going crazy right now. Hubby is home getting the truck repaired. When he is spending money and not out making money he is hell to live with.
So my yard was weedwacked and mowed. He said he was going to clean the garage and through all the crap out. Well the crap is his stuff but he says my stuff has to go because my stuff don't make a profit and his does. He has wood for a boat he will never build and a table saw that temps our son. Old paint in MY canning jars, anti-freeze containers, and oil jugs all over the place. He tossed in the straps and tarps from the flatbed he has parked in the front yard. AQnd other trucking stuff.
My stuff is a cabinet full of fabric, a bookshelf of crafting books, canning equipment and supplies, boxes of blankets, washer and dryer, and business files.
So who has junk in the garage.
So wanting to protect my prized belongings, I went into the garage and started the cleaning. He never stepped into the garage all day. I got it almost all cleaned up.
I have to get to his half and then we will see whose stuff is crap.
The pick-up is loaded to the top because aI cleaned my bedroom and so did the girls they had a lot of garbage in there. My room had a few bags too but that is because the kids think my room is their room. That will stop this summer.
I am going to get a new bed next month I told hubby that I will put the bed on the pick-up and haul it off too, I WILL get a new bed!
Night all I am tired.


  • At 7:17 AM, Blogger Brandy said…

    Dont you love how hubbys are when it comes to their stuff and ours. Mine is the same way. I miss the days that he was trucking. Life was alot easier somedays...Hope your weekend was good one and you have a great one this weekend and a safe 4th.

  • At 12:05 AM, Blogger CraftyCritter said…

    Can you come clean my crap up too, please?


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