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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Nice Day

Today turned out to be a nice day. The weather map was showing rain today but it cleared up.
The girls organization was to have a car wash today but we were the only ones to show up good thing we asked the boys organization to join us otherwise it would have been a bust. We didn't do to bad today before the boys got there the three of us washed a RV for $50 we kept all of that and then split what was made afterwards, $87.
Not bad for about 3 hours work. The boys are having a car wash tomorrow and I have to supervise that one too. It is supposed to rain tomorrow too, but living in the north wet you never know.
I will remember sun screen tomorrow. I never think about sun screen because I don't burn, but get a bit sun kissed on the face. Nicole got a bit more than kissed by the sun but she is the only one, that is what she gets for being blonde.
I finished making 7 bags for the CAL 2 from the sugar n cream lable, and 5 from the LBs market bag pattern 4 of these I reduced in size the first one was so big.
I had to buy new tires today one was starting to seperate and they were geting a bit thin. With all the driving I do I had to replace them now rather than later. While there it was discovered that I also need to have a hub assimbly replaced. That will be on wedensday. I get to wait till fall to do the breaks.
Last night Thomas broke his glasses and they had to be replaced today. I found a place in the mall that was open today for eye exams and the glasses will be done on tuesday. WOW!! $400 just so the kid can see.


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