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Friday, April 21, 2006


Well it is done. Yesterday the driver who was leased on with us quit.
I am happy to say good bye to him.
What is wrong with a man who won't look a woman in the eyes. He would not even talk to me on the phone. I mean he would call hubby to ask if I had the info he needed, hubby would say to call me and he would ask hubby to get the info from me.
When I made some decisions about new banking procedures and when the truck payment and insurance was due he asked hubby why I thought I had the authority to do this. He even wanted hubby to make me undo it. Hubby told him that I owed half of the company and could do it if I wanted. All I wanted to do was make my life easier. I mean yes the bank is only a block and a half away, I could walk to save gas, but going EVERYDAY was to much. I made up the invoices for the loads and I faxed them when he was ready and he always called when I was in the car or cooking dinner or other wise busy. He wanted it on his schedual on his terms. BULL STUFFING!
He cussed at me and treated me like I had a forth grade education. I told hubby that I would hang up on him so he stopped.
Well yesterday he brought back the trailer he was using at no charge! He was going to leave it to near the payment of the street I told him he needed to move it over more on the gravel. He was so mad that I gave him an order. Well just before midnight someone hit the trailer then kept on going. Yep didn't slow down glass and plastic scattered for about 8 feet. I told hubby this morning and when the IDIOT called hubby to whine some more hubby told him I had good reason to make him move the trailer. The sherrif told me this morning that if it had been on the payment and the car stayed we could have been liable. He asked hubby how I knew it would be hit hubby said I was scary that way. lol. So glad he is gone, so glad he is gone. (I am singing).


  • At 9:23 PM, Blogger CraftyCritter said…

    Good Riddance! What a turd!!!

    Priscilla just wanted to say I miss ya and I hope to come read you more!

    I hear ya singin, aint bad, aint bad at all!

  • At 11:25 PM, Blogger CraftyCritter said…

    Update us woman whats going on in your life now?

    BTW I took that aura quiz I was Magenta, the jester.


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