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Monday, March 13, 2006

Where do I start?
The truck has been down for 2 weeks. First it was down for 1 day but it set us back on the weekend, so 4 days behind. Then it was down for a week to rebuild the topend of the engine. He was in California this time and if it wer'nt for my aunt and uncle it would of cost another 1500.00 for hotel and food, I love them for taking care of my hubby. The cost of repairs more than I want to think about, 6500.00. We have cut living cost down so much that we will be losing weight.LOL.Because of the timing of the break downs is why I say we lost 2 weeks of work.
I have not really done much woork over these 2 weeks but I have gotten started on a few projects.
Still working on the black shawl but that is in the waiting room bag and I have not been in the waiting rooms in a while. I have a country blue poncho on the hook now ans well as an orchid afghan, it is in three shades of orchid. I did do a quick baby afghan in powder yellow and soft blue worked together.
The oldest has started working on the niffty knitters making beanies for new borns and premies, her dr told her they could use some at the clinic for the babies. I don't know how long she will keep working on them before she gets bored and quits. I was just happy she decided to work with yarn in some way, she wont knit or crochet.
I need to start working on some bead projects my bag of made stuff to sell is done to nothing. There is a pow wow this weekend so I know I could sell something if I had anything ready. I think my beads miss me fondling them.
Time to get back to house work, YUCK!!!


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