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Monday, March 06, 2006

Bragging Time

O.K. I am going to brag.
This weekend was a fun event for my girls and the organization they belong to. They get together for competetions and just to get to know each other from around the state. This weekend my girls competeted in lots of events. The oldest competed in 2 sewing, arts and crafts, cooking, drama, and for a spot on the state team, and together with her sister lip-sync.
She got 1st in drama. 1st in cooking, (thanks for the idea of putting pudding in the cooking recipe Cordelia), and 1st in arts and crafts.
The youngest entered 12 competetions, 2 sewing, cooking, 6 arts and crafts,creative writing, and reciting from memory. She got 1st with her applaque, latch hook, and drawing, 2nd in crochet, 3rd in paint by number, cooking, and in memorizing.
My niece went also and got 1st in applaque and 3rd in arts and crafts.
Dispite the 4 hour drive to and from and not getting much sleep I had a great time.


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