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Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday again....

Wow it is monday again.
Where to begin? Last monday there was no school and I had a day full of fighting kids. Tuesday Thomas said he was sick and stayed home from school. I made him go to school on wednesday, but he stayed home on thursday and friday. He has had a cough since March and his allergy pills are not clearing it up. He has been to the Dr. and got antibiotics and more allergy pills. He is still coughing.
Last friday at school was culture day, a day we celabrate our native herritage. There is Native Dancers from all over the northwest. And there is dinner, salmon and claims and fry bread. In years past the kids made things to give to the visitors but this year the children were given t-shirts. This is the tenth year in the new school.
Saturday was busy, my 2 daughters and I went to visit 2 other groups in the org. they belong to. My son went to the second one because he had a part to do and there was a dance after. It was so funny that the girls wanted to have a dance and invited the boys to come but there was this thing I call gender by laterial gravitational pull, meaning boys on one side and girls on the other. The girls even squealed at the thought of holding hands with the boys as they run down the center during the time warp. So funny.
After the dance I was on my way home when my nephew called for a rescue, see he had broke the key off in the lock of my dads car. Dad has only one key and the nephew broke it, I had to drive down town to sing for the charges to get the broke key dug out and a new key made, $100. I am such a good aunt.
Sunday Mothers Day, the boys had a dinner for their mothers and a touching talk about the love of their mothers and each one of us got a red rose from our sons.
The hubby might be mad but I made reservations for a trip the girls and I are making this summer to British Columbia. I found a hotel that is just down the road from the Univeristy where the meetings will be held and it was at a resonable rate and in a good neighborhood too. There was a cheap hotel that was downtown and the price made it sound like a seedy part of town. I was not going to take chances with the girls. So all is taken care of our registration and the hotel. Whoo hooo.


  • At 3:44 AM, Blogger Kari said…

    You can usually tell by price where a place is located lol.


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