I touch fabric, pet yarn and fondle beads, sometimes inappropriately.

Friday, April 28, 2006

I am a Craft-a-holic

Hello, my name is Priscilla and I am a craft-a-holic.
I became addicted when I was very young when I picked up my grandmothers crochet and did a few stitches. She took it away from me and gave me my own hook and yarn to do my own work.
I was hooked and that was just the beginning. Now I sew and I taught myself to knit and it has even expanded to beading.
I horde fabric in the garage about 200 yards right now. It is constantly changing.
I have loads of beads stashed in the bedroom and I have a basket of yarn right out in the open where the family can see it, next to the sofa.
I have neglected my duties as a mother and wife for crafting.
I have gone days without picking up after the kids and doing their dishes. I have even forgotten to feed them once or twice (alright more like 10 or more).
I have not done laundry and that meant that the kids have had to do for themselves. I am not sorry for this. I keep telling myself that it is making them strong and independent and they will thank me when they are older.(ha).
I have forsaken my wifely duty to my husband for just "one more row" or "almost finished". I think he will appreciate me more when I can come to bed feeling confident that I did my best for the day and can relax. But I can't relax for I am thinking about that next project and the one after that.
I am not seeking help because I am not ready to give up my hooks, needles, yarn, beads, or fabrics. In fact <strong>I must go out and score some more.


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