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Saturday, May 06, 2006

What a beautiful week this was. The sun was shinning all week and the temp was perfect. Today not so great, but it is spring time in the North Wet.
I went to the thrift store this week and found dresses for my two girls. I got them four two each or to share, they almost wear the same aize dispite there is almost 4 years between them.
Nicole is 14, 5'7", blond, and thin. She has pale to light tan skin and a perfect complextion. You could hate her for looking good in everything she puts on. With a ponytail and blush she could make a fashion statement in army fatigues.
Kim has green almond shaped eyes and med. tan skin and a dimple. She has the most beautiful smile and can make you do anything she wants. At 10 years old she is 5'3", with light brown hair. With her attitude she can make anything she wears work for her.
Tom and I are dreading it when the dating begins.LOL.
Thomas is my only boy. He is in the middle of the girls, kind of like the cream in the center of the cookie. He is 12 years old and 5'5" a bit on the huskey side but a good looking young man. He prefers jeans and t-shirts but he can clean up good. When he lets his hair grow it is so thick and full of tight curls that the girls will not be able to keep their hands off it. I know when I can run my fingers through his hair he tells me it is time for a hair cut(#2 buzz cut).:(
It is easy to sew for the girls but so hard to sew for the boy. What can I sew for him besides ties (yes he wears them), maybe a dress shirt but my button holes suck.
Speaking of sewing the JoAnns store near me is closing and everything is on closeout. On thursday I went SHOPPING. I got 50% off of the already on clearance stuff because I got all that was on the bolts. I ended up spending over $85.00 so don't tell Tom. I could add up what I saved and just tell him how much I saved not how much I spent.hehe.


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