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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I came back from the woods

Back form camping. We had a great time while we were there.
We were in a state park where hubby's family has a family reunion every year, so sat we visited with his family.
When we got there on fri. I set up the tent and put out the sleeping bags for the kids, Tom and I shared blankets be cause we only have 3 bags. He was pretty well set on not spending any more money on the trip.
We have no padding to sleep on so we slept on the rocks. I guess next year we will have pads, and maybe 2 more bags. I did pick up some folding camp chairs for everyone so we all had our own place to sit. The kids wanted to set their chairs where everyone else had their chair set up, Tom took care of it though.
I told everyone I was on vacation they would have to do everything for themselves.
It only worked for half the time but half time is better than nothing.
For the family reunion I made apple cobbler in a dutch oven over the campfire, it was my first time doing this and it turned out pretty good except for the burned edges. I was happy with it.
For dinner we had tin foil dinners everyone made their own, and nocho som'mores, made in the skillet over the fire.
The state park, I wished I had taken my camera. It is beautiful there, tall cedars and douglas firs, we even saw a few bald eagles and little woodland critters.
So peaceful there we had not taken a radio or anything else to connect us to the world. I was in HEAVEN. Now I am back.
The oldest is on the truk with Tom and wont be back till the end of the month. The other two are in a sumer camp at school, it is called the G.R.E.A.T. program. Gang Resistance Education And Training, it is put on by the Tribal Police. It will last for 11 days. so during the day I am alone from 6:40 am til about 4:00 pm. peace and quite. What to do besides clean house and watch tv? I'll think of


  • At 8:01 PM, Blogger Brandy said…

    That sounds like Heaven. I miss not getting any alone time in my house. Sounds like you had a good time camping. I would have love to see some pics....maybe next time.


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