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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Gone Camping

This weekend we are going on a family campout.
This is the first camping trip as a family ever.
We are going because sat. is a family reunion on Tom's side. It is at a state park so why not go camping.
Last week I went to work to help out my sis and her boss. I hate doing daycare, but that is what I am doing, toddlers and infants.
I went to work the day after getting back from Ellensberg, went to work at a fireworks booth, had the forth with the family and went to work for two days this week. I'll not work tomorrow, I have a nurses appointment and then we are off to the campgrounds. I don't know if I am needed to work next week or not, but I need to get some rest and do some work around the house.
Be back on Sunday or Monday.


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