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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

4 straight days of 90*+

That's right we had 4 days of 90* or higher with one day being 98*.
For western Washington that is damn hot.
But today it is much nicer 76* that is 18* cooler than yesterday.
Yesterday I hosed off the patio it looks much nicer now plus it did cool off the side of the house too. I was wetting down the roof too, something we used to do in Bakersfield, Ca. when it was hot. While doing this I felt a slight stinging on my big toe and looked down to see it was "BIG GREY AND WHITE, HAIRY SPIDER" it bit me.
I hosed it good. Today just a red spot about the size of the eraser on a pencil. Everyone is worried about it because I am allergic to bees so they think I might get sick from the spider bite. I have everything I need if I do get sick. Teasing with my hubby about being bitten by a spider, feeling the spidie senses and such. I said well today I do feel like working with thread instead of yarn. I am doing some cro-tat, that is tatting with a crochet hook with some crochet added. I printed a doily pattern I might try and also a very small teddy bear. I have a box of thread that the thread fairy gave me so I am trying to use it.
I also have to get some dolls done before Sept. I have not been working on them because of the heat. I also want to get the potholders I am working on done too.
Along with the box of thread I was also give another box of yarn to work something up. I'm thinking afghan of mixed colors there might be enough of the homespun to make one.
My oldest daughter is planing an auction for Sept. for the organization she and her sis belong to so I am making stuff for her to sell. The last two she did made over $100 so I am hoping this one will too.
Trying to come up with fundraising ideas besides carwashes because not all the girls will work a carwash, or sell things to family and neighbors.
Weel I think I'll surf the web then go to bed.
Have a good one.


  • At 6:41 AM, Blogger Brandy said…

    Is cro-tat hard to do.. I have seen those but never really read about it. Good luck on getting everything done. I know where your hot weather went...LOL


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