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Friday, July 21, 2006

DAMN it is HOT!!!

Yes it is hot here. Officially it was up to 98* at the airport, but accordingly to the temp gage in my van it was 105*. We were driving around looking for a pool just a small one to sit in. Went to Walmart, Kmart, Freddy's, Rite-Aid, and Walgreens. Not a wading pool in sight. But I got one for the dog, a baby pool. He is a husky mix and needs to be brushed to rid him of his mass of fur.
We are experiencing stagnate air, unhealthy air quality, and the humidity will be rising tomorrow with thundershowers in the mountains around us.
I am trying to get this house decluttered and not doing so well getting it done in this heat and my back hurting. I want to move the rolltop desk to another wall and line the wall with bookshelves for the movies and books. I can also put some of my crafting goodies in bins and on shelves.
I did get the cat box cleaned it is usually Nicoles job but she is on the truck with her dad and wont be back till next week, I had to do it. The kittys watched as I took the box out and cleaned it. When I was done I swear they were playing "rock, paper, sissors" to see who went first. Patches plays by her own rules so naturally she got to go first.Lol.
It is so hot that the cats are doing their best to keep cool. Spike will put his paws around the water crock with one toe of each paw in the water and then float his chin, I will try to get a pic it is so funny.
Well I am off to take a cooling shower.


  • At 6:43 PM, Blogger Brandy said…

    I hope you are staying cool there. I know our cats watch and wait while I do the litter box.... Then they jump in like there was no tomorrow. Have a good one!!!


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