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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's wednesday

Time has just gone by. No flown by but just gone. I don't know how it passed without notice but it did.
Monday of last week Tom started orentation with as new company driver. He has driven for them before and is still remembered by a lot of people there. I had to drive him to the shuttle bus at 4:30 a.m. Thursday so he could catch a flight to and pick up his truck. His first load was to come back here, so on Sunday I had to go pick him up from the yard. He took me to breakfast. Later I and the 2 girls had to go to a meeting so we were gone all afternoon.
Monday after the kids left for school I had to take him back to the truck. That is the bad thing about driving for someone else hw can't just bring the truck home he has to park it at the yard, and we only have 1 car.
The car. We have a 2000 chey mini van and the transmission is acting up.
I took it in to have it flushed out and it took so long because it had never been done before. I hope it makes it better.
I started some beaded earrings before Tom left. I was working on them just to have something to do out of his way and I just need to get the fring done and it has been that way since last week.
I'm still working on a knitted baby blanket about 1/2 way if I don't find 2 more skiens to put in it so it might come out a bit short.
I started a pair of ww socks 2 weeks ago and just have 1/2 of the cuff.
Last night my son had to help serve a dinner for one of the Masons Lodges here and I ended up helping in the kitchen. No big deal I have done so many dinners when I was his age. By the way congrats Kevin having been elected the next WM. They were serving prime rib and after everyone was served I had a bit of it. It was so go but I paid for it my belly hurt so bad just 30 minutes after eating it. It was not the meat but me about 2 years ago I started hurting so I quit eating beef. Now I know for sure it is the beef that makes me hurt. Back to chicken and fish only.
Today was 1/2 day of school, I hate 1/2 days. They get home before noon and the other one at 1:00. Man do I hate 1/2 days.


  • At 9:29 PM, Anonymous craftsbyjo said…

    I hear you about having only one car. We too have only one. Hope u dont need to have to buy another one to replace it.


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