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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

It's Back To School

Back to school. My favorite holiday.
At 6:30 am this morning the first bus came and took 2 kids away. At 7:45 the second bus came and took the 3rd child away. Next year there will be only 1 bus in the morning.
This afternoon the bus will be here about 3:30 and 4:30 and if my son stays after for football it will be 6:30 when he gets home.
I am glad the summer is over and I can slow down a bit here. Going and going all summer was fun but I need to get some rest.
My wrist and thumb is healing slowly but surely, but still no crafty marathons for me. Just a few hours a day or every other day.
Last saturday was spent in the kitchen putting up pickles. I got quite a few quarts done and have some jars left over to go get more pickles and get them done up. I also got some small jars to make jam. I had some blackberry juice from last year so I don't need to go picking this year. I am going to make some without sugar and some with the sugar added. I missed the peaches because of the cast but next year will be just fine for them. Apple season is just around the corner.
Tom thinks it is time I go back to work and he thinks I can get a high paying job, monday thru friday, daytime hours, after not working for over 13 years.
He says I am spending to much money. I have a budget and I stick to it but never have anything left at the end of the month. I just had to get 2 teens 1 preteen school clothes and school supplies, new shoes for everyone even me.
And they have to eat, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks. If the boy plays football he will need shoes for that too(13 years old and size 11).
Yesterday was 1/2 price day at the thrift stores and the girls and I hit 3 of them. I got the boy a good looking suit and tux shirt for him to wear to his meetings and I got the youngest girl a formal. Loads of jeans for both girls. I even scored 3 bags of yarn, some baby yarn, some wool scraps and 2 spools of very fine weaving yarn. I had to get all 3 bags because they mix it up instead of putting like yarns together, but not bad for just 7.50.
I need to go a write out my resume.


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