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Friday, September 28, 2007


This has been one hell of a week around here. Actually it has been two weeks.
Last week Tom was home because he thought the Semi-truck needed a new barring. He changed it out here at home and then took off with a load headed back east. He got to Spokane and he was feeling a vibration and thought it was the rear end going out, so he had the oil changed in both of the rear ends to see what was going on. The back one was good but the front one was full of metal shavings. Now he has to give up the load and wait till Monday to get it fixed. Monday he finds a rebuilt rear end and has it put in the truck. The guy who did the rebuild put the wrong bolts in and it would not fit in right so he had to wait till Tuesday to get it right. That means he had to turn back a load he was given the day before. Tuesday after the rear end was put in and done right he got another load was heading south with it when he felt the other vibration in the truck. He got to Pasco and had to call the company to give up the load again. He has never had to give up loads or turn them back in all the years he has been driving his own truck.
After getting the rear end fixed he was able to feel the vibration of the transmission. I think the rear end was covering the transmission vibrations. The transmission will take over $5000.00 to fix. That is not a new one either. The rear end was over $2000.00. Last month we had to pay all the trucking taxes and so we don't have any money to fix the transmission.
Everything is changing here fast. We decided to scrap the truck, sell it to a scrap yard. We are trying to buy another truck through a lease purchase program at another company. That means we no longer be on our own and will be working for someone else. That also means that there is no money coming in for a full month. We have just enough money to get the bare amount need to survive.
Change like this always takes three months to fully recover and get back to where we were last month. The bad part is that I don't get the anniversary weekend I was looking forward to, and Christmas in Hawaii is out. That means that the timeshare reservation will go unused unless I can sell that weeks use.
This also means that I can't take my time in finding a job that I really want and get one that will hire me right away. I am hoping to get one at Michael's or maybe JoAnns, if I can't stay home and craft then I can work with craft stuff.
Speaking of craft stuff I have started a baby blanket for a friend who is due in January, and I have some potholders some finished some still in progress. If Tom was not so grumpy I would get out the beads and make some earrings.
I do have some good news. Last night was back to school night and Tom and I went to hear how wonderful our kids are. First is the youngest Kim 6th grade she is in the highest level in her class and finishes her work way before the other kids so she will tutor the slower kids or help out the teacher by doing something else.
Then there is Thomas 8th grade, gpa 3.79 A's in math, reading, science, art, he has two math classes and the teacher can not keep him busy enough and can not let him work ahead because of class room discussions on the subject of the day (stupid reason).
Next is Nicole 10th grade. Her math teacher wants to move her up a level, she is getting A's in reading, business writing and culinary arts, and science.
Some how I got smart kids.


  • At 9:12 AM, Anonymous Cordelia said…

    Hang in there sister! You and yours will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Priscilla please email me your address AGAIN! My old address list went kaput when my pc died.

    All my love and wishes for things turning around.



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