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Sunday, September 09, 2007

All Stressed Out And No One to Choke

Well this afternoon I had a meeting for one of my youth groups and called a brief meeting for the Executive members of the adult overseers. The associated members show up. I guess they thought they could show me that I was not in control and when I did not back down they left mad as hell and threatening to quit and have me thrown out of office. I have the by-laws of the group that backs me up on this that I can call for a meeting and do not have to include the associated members. The person who held my office last year did this to exclude me from the meetings so I was just following her lead. And she was one of the ones not invited. So there. ;p
Why do they think I am stupid and not know what they were doing. I stayed coll and did not say well so and so did it to me so I'm doing it back. I love the youth group and would never do anything to undermine or distroy it in any way, but these other adults need to back off and let go of it. It does not belong to you it belongs to the youth. They don't think the youths should be left to govern themselves they kids need to be told every thing to do and how to do it. BS! BS I say! They did great today doing practice without us adults there to point out the mistakes and such.
AS one stood there telling me that I was wrong and doing harm to the organization and I was selfish and uncaring about anyone but myself I was thinking how lucky he was that I did not go BIKER BITCH ON HIS ASS! No I just stood there and looked him streight in his eyes, bastard you and your wife. The kids don't like you so go away.
And if they saw a tear in my eye it was not because they were right it was because I could not tell them how I really feel about them, it had to come out some how.
Make way for change!


  • At 6:28 AM, Blogger Netter said…

    Kids only learn to lead when they are given the chance to take charge of themselves. As long as an adult is there to step in if things are getting out of control, the kids should be given a little power over their own direction...I totally understand where you are coming from.

    Good for you...Standing up to the control freaks. Stay tough, the kids will benefit from your example.


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