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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I went to the Dr today about my side. There is nothing more to do till I get insurance and see a specialist for more testing. So just keep doing what I have been, no red meat and cutting back on the wheat products. I have lost 20lbs since January trying to relieve the pain. I swear I have eaten so much bunny food I think my nose is twiching.
We have to take my Dad in for testing on Monday. He has lesions on his lungs now and it maybe from asbestos exposer from a long time ago. He is mad at my sis for making the call to get him in and tested. Dad has always said if he has a terminal illness he does not want to know about it. But it is something we need to know so we know how to take care of him. Sis is getting him on the list for the law suit just so he can get the medical covered. We don't want anything else from it.
All summer I have been doing some crocheting and knitting. I should post pics, I will later. So far I have knitted over 35 dishclothes, crochet a dozen potholders, and 2 dolls. I have also crocheted 6 marketbags, and 2 beach bags.


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