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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Going for a week

I am going to be gone for a week. My DDs and I are going to Vancouver, BC. We are going for an International Convention of the organization they belong to. It should be fun and an experince for them, I never got to go to one of these when I was young and still an active member.
Here comes the ranting part.
I have been planing this trip for months and my sis knew about it. The first plan was for my son to stay with her but her youngest son is a teenage size shit. He is hanging around kids much older than him and could be getting into trouble but my sis works 13 hours a day and does not know what he is up to all day. Her oldest son is almost 20 and is lazy and doesn't really keep an eye on the other boy or the little sister. I am afraid my son will get into trouble or just get blamed for things he didn't do, things he would not normaly do.
So what to do? I gave him a choice of what he wanted to do this week stay with his aunt, go on the truck with his dad but he has an appointment the week after and not sure if he would get home in time for. My hubby made arrangement for a third choice, to stay with Grandma and Grandpa. It is on the way to Canada and we hardly see them except for holidays and family reunions, and they are getting up there in years. So he is going to the Grandparents for the week. He will get to do some ceramic painting with Grandma and watch baseball with her too. Grandpa will talk his ear off too.
Sis is now bent out of shape. She was acting like it was going to put her in a hardship to have him for the week. She just IMed me to ask if he was going or not I told her he was going to th Grandparents and sis gets insulted and said "I guess you don't want him to be with my kids".
I did ask her to feed my animals and get the mail, she said she would but I think that might be to much for her to do I know she wont water my plants.
It is on her way home so it wont use gas but she is just being bitchy right now. It is ok to talk about her her she does not know about my blog or read any of them anyway.
One of the reasons for her moodiness might be that today would have been her and her husband anniverary abd he passed away almost 6 years ago. She is still in denile and feels sorry for herself. Always saying things like it's not fair that her kids have to grow up without their dad and it would be different if he were still here. I think it is time she moved on but her friends still encourage her to pity herself.
Enough of this BS. I am going to go pack for the week.
See ya all in a week.


  • At 6:37 AM, Blogger Brandy said…

    Have a fun and safe trip... Its funny but all my blog buddies are going on vacation at the same Oh well... cant wait to hear all about it.


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