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Friday, December 07, 2007

Life got Busy, Then I got Sick

Yea, life got real busy around here for a while. Then I get sick.
My hubby and I decided that we wanted to cook the turkey this year for thanksgiving and so we had everyone come over here for dinner. It was nice and this year the turkey was really moist not stick in your throat dry.
The week after thanksgiving was very busy for me. My girls are in an organization and my oldest was being installed as the president of the group on the 1st. I had lots to do for this because it is a formal affair and all. We had to make gifts for the installing team and get food for the reception afterwards.
The oldest girl, the boy and I had a meeting on weds, and I had to back out because I was starting to get sick. I was coughing and my body ached all over. I had to rest for the big event on sat. Earlier that day I had to take my brother to the hospital for testing and get hubby from work and take hubby back to work that night too.
I got as much done as I had to do over the next two days.
Finally sat. came and the event started I was so not feeling good that day. I had to do a lot for this, offically open the meeting and all that. I love public speaking but if I could have gotten out of this I would have stayed at home under the covers.
After it was over and all cleaned up we came home and I did not even stop to take off my pantyhose and just fell into bed. Later through the evening I peel them off along with my slip and formal dress and got into my nightie and went to sleep. I slept as good as one can sleep for coughing as hard as I was and I didn't even get out of bed on sun.
Mon I went to the dr and he said I was getting pnuemonia and gave me cough syrup with codine and antibiotics. When I got home I went back to bed till I had to take hubby to work. He wanted me to take him so I would have the van if I needed to go anywhere while he was at work. The only time the van moved was when I went to get him on weds morning and take hime back weds night. He is home sun morning to mon night, wed morning till night and fri too.
I am feeling a bit better now but I can not wait till I can get a full breath and not cough like I am coughing up a lung.
On the bright side about being sick I have not been able to eat till recently and I have lost over 10 lbs.
Today I felt like doing so knitting for the first time since being sick, so I started socks for my nephew for Christmas.
I hope to have sock/booties for everyone and PJ's too for Christmas, but I will not over work myself. Being sick sucks.


  • At 9:03 AM, Blogger Yarn Tails said…

    Wowza you have been busy. Sorry to hear that you got sick, but am glad you are starting to feel better. Take it easy and dont over do yourself. Have a great weekend!

  • At 11:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    take care of yourself.

  • At 10:04 AM, Anonymous andi hooked on string said…

    Hope you're feeling better!


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