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Saturday, January 17, 2009

What a week. After work on monday I had to pick up Nicole from school for her dentist appointment and Thomas text me that his thraot was hurting so I got him too. The kids dr is in the same building as the dentist so just made one trip. The dentist had missed placed Nicole's chart so no work was done. Down stairs we waited for Thomas to be seen and yes again he has strep. Had it in Nov. too. He has not had it since 2005 which he had it almost every other month. We stopped for dinner and got home after 6pm.
Tuesday Kim said her throat hurt so she too had to stay home from school. I called the dr and he gave her meds for strep. I had to go and pick it up. The girls and I had a meeting that night and Kim felt like going so we went. Both girls were eleceted in to offices for the next 6 months. Kim needed the inhaler for her breathing problems, it was the weather that is causing her breathing problems.
We have an inversion over our area right now and the air is very stagnant and cold.
Wednesday after work I had PT for a spasem in my back and neck last one, yeah.
All of us had to go to a meeting that night too.
Thursday Nicole didn't feel well so she stayed home. I had a mid day work shift and got a lot done even cleaned up the store room. That night we went on the art walk in town. Every third thursday of the month the museums are free in the evening.
Friday I called the dr again because Nicoles throat was hurting. Yep strep there too.
This is my weekend off and no I am not getting any rest. We are on the go from the time we get up till we go to bed.
So far this week just in the waiting room I have 2 sets of potholders and washcloths made as well as 3 pairs of slippers.


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