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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hello Agsin

Just checking in after almost 2 weeks. Work has been busy and I have gotten good hours. Yesterday I was schedualed for 6 hours opening at 9am. At my break around 11 the managers were fretting about the no-shows and the call-outs there was no on to close, so I said I could work over. I had a half hour lunch during the frist shift, then took an hour between shifts and worked through till closing. Doing everything needed to do for closing getting things ready for the next day opening I didn't get off till after 10:30pm. A very long day yes in deed. We were so busy that I almost didn't get the hour break which I took to get a Starbucks frap. I deserved it.
I am so sore after working a long day and being short handed.
This morning I got up and set up for a yard sale it has been almost 4 hours sitting out there and no one has come by. Maybe after church lets out. At least it is a sunny day so I will get tanned. I am also getting some crocheting done.
Todays Fathers Day menu is hotdogs and chips. My Dad's fav.
Well I need to go outside and sit with the stuff for a while.


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